Vladimir Hub

My name is Vladimir Hub. -I am a Musical Theatre Actor, having studied Musical Theatre in MADD College in Nottingham, England. - I have starred in different musical theatre shows in Czech Republic (WSS ,Kleopatra ,Romeo and Juliet, Earl Monte Cristo, Grease,…)Germany ( Starlight Express, Ben Hur Live, Rocky das musical, Aladdin, … and England ( Lazy Town, Ben Hur Live,…) as well as in few low budget movies.( Pul, Nefrit Dragon, Stories from the Underworld, Don’t give up, Agency,…) -I am multilingual and speak Czech, English and German. -Additional skills include Martial Arts, Cold Weapons, Stage and Movie Combat, Acrobatics.I also Choreograph fight choreographies for Stage and Movies.( Rocky the Musical in Prag, Trümmer der Erinnerung- Featured movie,…)




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